December 31, 2005

Lisa compares T to murderers

The sad is thing about you Tony is that you are a conscienceless blob who, like a murderer, commits his crimes without remorse.

You are so deluded you belong in a mental institute.

Like I said before, Baba will most likely outlast all of you.

Lisa's hateful diatribe on T

Tony got his very own page in the anti-Sai Hall of Shame on More blatant lies of Tony's were revealed for the whole world to see. Tony was booted from another yahoogroup for his continuous obnoxious behavior.

One has to wonder why Tony is investing so much negative energy in bashing innocent devotees and wishing ill on them. Doesn't Tony realize YET that his negativity is going to recoil on him?

This just goes to show how immature Tony is about spirituality. For all his condescending diatribes he still doesn't get it. Tony has a sadistic personality which LOVES to inflict abuse on others under the guise of spirituality.

This is just ONE of the many reasons I still believe Tony is hitting the bottle.

Sixty-some years old and Tony is still a hateful bigot.

Lisa weaves S into Bhatia story

The only idiot who isn't making sense here is S the pervert.

I think it speaks volumes as to S's double standards when Bhatia also still claims that Sai Baba is God! If Bhatia is an adulterous married man and claiming to have sex with his guru who he claims is God, what does that say about Sanjay's ability to perceive character? In the anti-Sai camp character just absolutely doesn't count. According to the idiots, character ONLY counts if you are Sai Baba or pro-Sai. Pathetic hypocrisy! S admitted on his blog he has no problem sleeping with committed others. Perverts of a feather flock together.

Notice too how Brown just happened to leave out the fact that Bhatia is a married man. Given the fact that Brown also wrote a smear article about another Indian guru in the 1970's I am VERY suspicious of his motives.

Lisa pointless boot comment

Sanjay went to find some boots to drool over.

Lisa insults T as vegetable

At some point Simon, you will realise you are talking to a vegetable. That's what T REALLY means when he says he is a vegetarian.

T only pretends to know.

Lisa claims T has low IQ

Amazing that the wacko thinks he is fooling anyone isn't it? How low do you think his IQ would have to be to actually believe he is getting away with his lies? 85-90 or lower?

Tony is proof positive that you cannot reason with a drunk. Does anyone believe that Tony is sober when he acts like this?

December 28, 2005

Lisa speaks about sex toys and porn

"I'm sure he's an expert on sex toys. Maybe you can find him in a porn movie too. Excuse me while I go toss my cookies."

Lisa speaks "cheaply" about T O'C

"Personally, I think Tony O'Clery came out of a gumball machine. He is cheap and easy to buy."

Lisa's perverted religious fantasy

"D lives with one foot in the gutter and the other in Krishna's mouth. Nothing like serving two masters, eh S?"

Lisa defends her disability mocking behaviour!

I see S is playing victim again with the disability issue. Why is it ok for S to continually mock everyone, including women, which he calls "*itches, but it is not ok for me to make a comment about him when he mocks Sai Baba for simply telling the truth about his hearing problem? Once again S the hypocrite is projecting his own pathologies onto others. Gee, didn't S just lambaste others for not commenting on his blog? And now when they do he cowers again in the corner and whines like a baby.

I don't know any deaf people who whine quite like D. Or terminally ill patients either.

And nobody needs to defend Sai Baba. There is NO legal case against him. PERIOD. All there are is a bunch of cowardly "men" (and I use the term VERY loosely) like D whining like crybabies on the internet and pretending they live in fantasyland where facts don't matter.

REAL victims file charges with police. They don't pretend to be children whoere molested when, in REALITY, they were adults of legal age. Morphing genitals and all (roll eyes)! Pathetic.

But D is too dumb to see a crock of bull when he hears it. Probably because he is so full of it himself. Ditto for his cadre of fools, O'C et al.



De Witt talking nonsense about deafness

Dudlani has already been told about the typos, etc, in the Christmas dates but still he rants on like a deaf man.

Speaking of which, I notice on his blog that S mentions that the doctors told him he has hysterical deafness, which means it is psychosomatic. In other words, there is no organic reason for his deafness, he just decided at some point in time that he didn't want to hear. Yet he berates Baba for tellng him he is "ok." Nothing wrong with his hearing, per se, the problem is in his mind. Did he think Baba was going to tell S's parents that S shut down his hearing because his own family traumatized him in some way at an early age and S decided he didn't want to hear?


December 27, 2005

Lisa goofs on Jesus and mocks disability

Dudlani has already been told about the typos, etc, in the Christmas dates but still he rants on like a deaf man.

Speaking of which, I notice on his blog that S mentions that the doctors told him he has hysterical deafness, which means it is psychosomatic. In other words, there is no organic reason for his deafness, he just decided at some point in time that he didn't want to hear. Yet he berates Baba for tellng him he is "ok." Nothing wrong with his hearing, per se, the problem is in his mind. Did he think Baba was going to tell S's parents that S shut down his hearing because his own family traumatized him in some way at an early age and S decided he didn't want to hear?



Lisa De Witt pontificates on family situation

Wow, if this is the way S's family really is, I feel sorry for him. However, we haven't heard their side of the story and we all can see how "nice" S is. :) If he acts around his family like he acts towards people on the board, his parents probably feel like they need to hire a body guard to protect them from their own son.

What's wrong with money as a gift? That's what your parents seem to be asking for. And since you think it is so unoriginal, why don't you write a wishlist and give it to your parents so they get you something you like? It sounds to me like they are reflecting your attitude that no one ever gets gifts they like which just isn't true. We all get a few gifts that we're not probably thrilled about. That's what happens when you don't communicate.



December 14, 2005

Lisa speaks on pro-Sai collaboration

T the conscienceless blob.

That's ok Simon, Joe and I are documenting all this and people in the government, etc. are seeing all the lies.

The anti-Sais know they can't win by being honest so they are willing to use any and all forms of deceit. This may work temporarily on the unsuspecting public at large but it will NEVER play in a courtroom. And the anti-Sais are continuously putting themselves in legal jeopardy, arrogantly thinking they are getting away with their campaign of smears. The problem is, a house of cards can only stay up until the wind blows. And the wind is blowing.

T has made it very clear he is a lover of lies, not truth. Appparently his lies worked for him at some time in his life. Maybe they will work on dysfunctional, codependent people in his family and anti-Sai group but they won't work on conscious, free thinkers who have a brain.

Lisa talks of "smacking down" SD

This is why I have to continually do the dumbo smack down.

Lisa abuses SD over SK issue

Dadlani is so stupid it's pathetic. You have to expalin everything to him like he is a five year old.

I was mocking your idiotic accusation, you stupid dork.

The point is NOBODY knows who made the pic, dopehead.

Get off the alcohol. Maybe then you won't act like such a retard all the time. We can ONLY hope.

Lisa alleges SD made SK photo

Yeah, the fake photo was probably made in Dadlani's merged photo shop (roll eyes). After all, we know his interest in such things.

And after all, someone sent me one from England (no kidding).

Lisa comments on SK blog

I see the pathological liar Dadlani is hard at work manufacturing more of his whiskey or vodka induced delusions.

He and Tony are rubbing off on each other.

Lisa alleges anti-Sais homosexual transvestite

I think you are talking about claims D made. Apparently he had an anonymous friend who claimed some things about Bailey and Tony. The yahoogroup they were posted on has been deleted so there's no way to recover them for research. Another person posted on the quicktopic board that Bailey was always hitting on men even though he had married Faye.

I do know Tony was hanging out with drag queens. Maybe he is one himself as there is an aoclerry listed in the member section as a female. Maybe that is why he was posing as sivatayi also claiming to be a female. Lots of drag queens are gay so he could be gay.

OA was also using a username which was female so maybe he is one of the drag queens. When I confronted him with it he avoided just answering no so I think he is. Tony avoided my question about it too now that I think of it.

Tony is obviously VERY confused so anything is possible.

Lisa on unstable personalities

Tony is an impressionable person who is so ignorant he takes on the beliefs of anyone around him that he wants to impress. He is an unstable personality that is drawn to other unstable personalities like himself.

Lisa abuses T as hellboy, goat, liar

Pathetic watching a old goat like you who can't even act like an adult at your age.

Pathetic watching a pathological liar like you claim to be on the spiritual path.

You're NOT on the spiritual path, Tony. You are paving your own road to hell.

Lisa claims T was never a devotee

Make up your mind dumbo. You wrote about Baba being a shapeshifter on Icke's site when you defected, idiot. In fact, I just posted that article within the last month to show people how idiotic you are. You are so inconsistent it's pathetic.

You were ALWAYS deluded Tony. You a were NEVER a devotee. Just a hateful anti-Semite and drunk.

December 12, 2005

De Witt attacks AKD as whore

"Nobody would believe that you could POSSIBLY be so dumb Andries but then again I wonder since you think that 'Confusionism' is a religion!

"Enjoy your confusion. It suits you and you whorey bunch PERFECTLY.

"You must be smoking too much pot Andries. You are so far out in la la land it's not even funny."

De Witt claims that SD is a public figure

"You are a pathetic liar, A. When SD writes articles that are posted on AND a blog, he becomes a 'public figure,' ya pathetic hypocrite. When SD continuously lies and makes caustic remarks about Sai Baba IN public, HE becomes a PUBLIC FIGURE."

Unfortunately, not.

De Witt comments on Moreno's attack

"The deviance of amplicffication spiral STARTED with YOU bozos the MINUTE you started lying and spreading your hate all over the internet ya pathetic hypocrite. WHY don't you try just once to take responsibility for the MESS you losers have created? You are being given opportunity after opportunity to straighten your sorry act out and you scapegoat at EVERY turn. Sanjay started the HATE pictures, get it idiot or are you REALLY that dumb?

"Don't play your pseudo-intellectual games with me ya little wannabe intellectual punk."

Unfortunately, Lisa has been caught lying. I never "started" anything.

Lisa De Witt justifies her viciousness

"It is VERY important for the world to know the kinds of wackos like Dadlani and O'Clery that are spreading lies and filth against one of the greatest spiritual beings to EVER incarnate on earth.

"Besides that, the hypocritical cowards usually go OFF-TOPIC to attack devotees anyway. Then whine like crybabies when their karma returns. Maybe if the attention-seeking crybabies would shut their mouths they wouldn't be talked about so much.

"The anti-Sais are like fascists."

"But that premise - that SB is spiritual being, etc - is the very one that we are contending. That is what this board was for, to discuss Sai Baba. Sai Baba is not a spiritual being, never mind a great one, and his birth was just as mortal and labour-ridden as anyone else's.

"Interestingly enough, Lisa De Witt has formed her own yahoogroup for the purpose of discussing people's behaviours. I have noted several times already that if she and/or her fans wish to contribute anything on that subject, they may do so over there. However, not here."

Also, please note how Lisa De Witt says that anti-Sais should "shut their mouths" if they do not want to be talked about. In other words, we must be in fear of these formidable devotees because they hold all the cards.

In any case, there is also the question of freedom of speech. Lisa and her colleague Moreno love to distract topics away from Sai Baba and to focus on the personal charatcers of his opponents, which is off-topic. When we inform them of this, they accuse us of fascism. Oh well.

Lisa De Witt alleges dissent amongst anti-Sais

"And as far as that goes Dadlani IS getting his and I'm sure there will be more to come as big as his mouth is. He is making enemies almost as fast as Bush!

"The anti-Sai street gang thought they would just be able to mow anyone down who tried to oppose their obnoxious dictates. But now that devotees are seeing the depth of corruption and mental illness in the anti-Sai group they are starting to come forward. They are saying they have had ENOUGH of this corrupt group of lawless anti-Sais.

"Keep digging your hole Dadlani. Your continuous hate speech will be your downfall. And you have NO ONE to blame but yourself.

"Now go cry in your vodka."

Lisa De Witt claims to have a conscience!

Hypocrite Dadlani is ALWAYS telling people HOW they should act. And if you go back to the very beginning of the messages on this board you will see clearly his snooty, obnoxious and often perverted behavior and lies, repeated over andover again, ad infinitum.
Well, the same goes for Lisa De Witt. Since her fourth post on this board, she has rarely posted without a form of abuse or invective.

On the other hand, I have numerous times given a disclaimer to any negative behaviour from me by stating that SB follower should get a taste of their own medicine. Historically it is a FACT that SB devotees have caused trouble on ALL boards meant for discussion on Sai Baba and the allegations surrounding him. No matter how anyone tries to skirt around, it will be impossible to do so with this fact.

Since hypocrite Dadlani doesn't believe in Sai Baba he has no right to tell me how I should act with regard to Sai Baba. He can't have it both ways.
In other words, Lisa De Witt wishes to blame me for her inability to follow Sai Baba's direct teachings. The lamest, most pathetic excuse I have ever heard.
That's great, isn't it? :-) "Swami, I tried to follow your teachings but Sanjay wouldn't let me."

I'm playing by Dadlani's rules which I have EVERY right to doconsidering his insidious, sociopathic mental derangement.

Which is quite hilarious since this is the very same neurological disorder that Lisa De Witt has presented with on these boards since her fourth post here. Many references have been made to Lisa being taken away by the men in white coats and being placed in a padded cell. The blame for this lies at Lisa's feet; she shouldn't have exhibited her schizophrenic tendencies by telling us all of her hallucinations, her complete lack of understanding things that are said in discussion, as well as her evident lack of behaviour, morals and manners.

As far as my "rules" go, the record shows that I have often appealed to people here to stop trading insults and simply focus on the issues surrounding Sai Baba, which is the purpose of this board. To date, nobody has taken me up on my offer. Except Tony O'Clery. Despite any disagreements that anyone may have with Tony and his views, at least he is still talking about Sai Baba and his faults, etc.

The big difference is, I have a conscience. Dadlani DOESN'T.
This goes on the record. Let's recap here:

- Lisa has made racist remarks.

- Lisa has wished death on anti-Sai activists.

- Lisa equates anti-Sai activists with demons.

- Lisa has been suspected of being a transsexual/transvestite with kinky sexual predilections involving leather chains/whips/handcuffs, schoolgirl uniforms, high heels, etc.

- Lisa has made completely false and unproven allegations at just about every anti-Sai out there.

- Lisa is compulsively inclined to abuse anyone who disagrees with her point of view.

- Lisa throws people out of her yahoogroup if they disagree with her views, even Sai devotees/admirers who may disagree!

- Lisa approves of and completely agrees with any attempt to smear and malign any anti-Sai activists despite any tangible lack of reason or motive.

The above is not even 1% of Lisa's behaviour and activities, yet somehow she claims to have a conscience!

At the end of the day and with due consideration of time, Lisa will get hers. Moreno will get his too. And I hope they both sleep soundly at night without guilty consciences. :-)

Lisa De Witt alleges that anti-Sais have no conscience

Firstly, I have never claimed to be a role model for anybody. Secondly, it is the duty of devotees of Sai Baba to follow his teachings. Incidentally, Sai baba says that his devotees must engage with soft sweet speech, not to harm or abuse other people in any way, and not to speak with people who are against him (Sai Baba).

Lisa De Witt is in contravention of all these rules and is thus not fit to be a devotee of Sai Baba.

Which is actually a good thing anyway at the end of the day. ;-)

Lisa De Witt alleges Bill Clinton authors SB book

"I have heard but not been able to verify that Bill Clinton has written a book about Swami and he is waiting for the ok by Swami to have it published."

Yeah right.

De Witt praises Dan Sudha for inner peace

"Thanks, Dan. Please continue to keep us informed. I love your wisdom and you project an inner peace that is very rare but more often seen in those like you who have been able to be around Swami for a long time."

"Which is why he writes in all capital letters.

"Writing all in capital letters is commonly accepted in netiquette as "shouting". Lisa De Witt seems to think that such 'virtual shouting' projects an image of 'rare inner peace'.

"What more can we say?"

Also, notice how sweetly she talks to her fellow Sai devotees, whereas opponents receive nothing but viciousness and foul abuse.

Various accusations against T O'C

"T admitted that he had a career in the sex industry as an Australian prostitute. T also has a history of still-untreated of theFIVE sins listed by Sai Baba.

"I do believe, based on his anti-social and obsessive symptoms, that T is a manic depressive also known as bipolar. Manic depressives are often put on anti-psychotics. If Tony is on medications for this he needs to find new ones as they OBVIOUSLY aren't working. Imagine what T's wife has to put up with!"

As if Lisa De Witt is in any way qualified to make any psychiatric diagnoses? And by the way, manic depression is not the same as bi-polar disorder.

De Witt's hypocrisy on "actionable libel"

After Lisa De Witt claims that a collection of T's statements contained between twenty and thirty counts of actionable libel, I respond:

"First of all, I was unable to recognise any of my own statements in that list. Secondly, how hilarious of Lisa De Witt to talk about actionable libel when she has vomited her verbal diarrohea all over this board for nearly 3 years. At least 98.9% of her posts contain some sort of abuse against anti-Sai folks.

"Yep, actionable libel indeed."

Her response? Nothing.

Lisa explains her genital fetish

After observing Lisa De Witt's penile observation as indicative of a genital fascination, she says:
"Look in the mirror dumbo. I was talking about a big MOUTH. You and pervert O'Clery are the ones with the proven sex on the brain who keep bringing up the tissue issue. Need I post your resumé again bozo?"

"Of course, I completely forgot that VIAGRA is meant for conversational skills. How fitting, then, that it is ingested via ORAL means?

"Lisa De Witt can skirt around the issue all she likes; her comments are obviously referring to penile functions. Considering the amount of time she spends accusing the anti-Sais of various Freudian complexes and disorders, the conclusion is not so far-fetched."

To which she said:

"Actually you are talking about O'Clery who started the viagra line, dimbo. I was talking about his big mouth, pervert. Pathetic how you bozos can't see your own hypocritical idiocy. O'Clery and Dadlani, two obsessive perverts constantly blathering about sex and in total denial. You guys are the most perverted wackos I have EVER seen in my lifetime. No wonder you have to drink yourselves under the table regularly. It's probably the ONLY way you can deal with your sociopathic tendencies."

The very next day, Lisa De Witt referred to Tony O'Clery as an ignorANUS. Now who's the sex-obsessed perverted wacko?

Lisa comments on parentage again

"Dadlani and O'Clery are two perfect examples of how alcohol kills Twin sons of different mothers. Vodka and whiskey. In O'Clery's case, it may be scotch."

December 10, 2005

Lisa moves from genitals to anus

"Go play with your lower astral friends Tony and see if you can dream up more ways to defile the dead ya pathetic ignorANUS."

Just yesterday, Lisa De Witt spoke in a manner that clearly referred to penile subjects. To move onto anuses in such a short time is disturbing indeed.

Lisa De Witt contradicts Joe Moreno (on Ravana)

Just a short while ago, Moreno (incorrectly) asserted that the only instances of demonising other people on this board are those of anti-SBs against pro-SBs.

The history of this board discussions on LDW's part show that at least since her fourth post onwards she has very rarely written a post free of abuse or invective.

As for demonisation, here is a perfect example of how LDW demonises Tony O'Clery, equating him to the demonic Ravana who was the villain of the Ramayana epic.

--- In, "conscientiousobjector2000" wrote:
> You are TRULY an evil man Ravana O'Clery.

December 09, 2005

LDW refers to T O'C as Ravana

You are TRULY an evil man Ravana O'Clery.

De Witt talks about astral entities

But, unfortunately for you [T O'C], Dorothy's book speaks for her and in the end you will be seen for the lower astral entity that you are. And there are those of us who will make sure you are exposed.

Lisa speaks derogatively to Tony on Viagra

From: "conscientiousobjector2000"
Date: Thu Dec 8, 2005 9:46 pm
Subject: One thing we know for sure
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Tony's mouth is on viagra. It's big and it NEVER stops screwing people.