December 12, 2005

Lisa explains her genital fetish

After observing Lisa De Witt's penile observation as indicative of a genital fascination, she says:
"Look in the mirror dumbo. I was talking about a big MOUTH. You and pervert O'Clery are the ones with the proven sex on the brain who keep bringing up the tissue issue. Need I post your resumé again bozo?"

"Of course, I completely forgot that VIAGRA is meant for conversational skills. How fitting, then, that it is ingested via ORAL means?

"Lisa De Witt can skirt around the issue all she likes; her comments are obviously referring to penile functions. Considering the amount of time she spends accusing the anti-Sais of various Freudian complexes and disorders, the conclusion is not so far-fetched."

To which she said:

"Actually you are talking about O'Clery who started the viagra line, dimbo. I was talking about his big mouth, pervert. Pathetic how you bozos can't see your own hypocritical idiocy. O'Clery and Dadlani, two obsessive perverts constantly blathering about sex and in total denial. You guys are the most perverted wackos I have EVER seen in my lifetime. No wonder you have to drink yourselves under the table regularly. It's probably the ONLY way you can deal with your sociopathic tendencies."

The very next day, Lisa De Witt referred to Tony O'Clery as an ignorANUS. Now who's the sex-obsessed perverted wacko?