October 25, 2006

More Abuse By Lisa De Witt

Keeping in line with her track record of being the foremost abuser of ex-devotees of Sai Baba, Lisa De Witt had the following comments to make about one such:

"Sanjay, you sound like a fifty year old drunken bigot with all your trashy hate speech. If you ever live that long it will be a miracle, as evil and mean-spirited as you are.

"Superficial and vain Sanjay Dadlani aka saibabaexposed is the bigoted whiner who cries foul everytime someone brings up his physical characteristics (like his big flabby rear end and balding head which started when he was only about eighteen years old). By the time Sanjay is forty he will probably have a belly to rival a Sumo wrestler and alzheimers to go with it. Beyond all that Sanjay has ZERO inner beauty.

"I've NEVER seen such a mean, blabber mouth as you, Sanjay or a deaf person with such a big mouth. Do you run your fat mouth like this off the internet too?"

Just think, Lisa De Witt accuses others of being mean-spirited, bigoted and evil when she goes as far enough as to wish Alzheimers Disease on people? Or even the reference to my disability which she publicly laughed about in league with Gerald Moreno? I guess we should be grateful, because wishing Alzheimers is rather tame as compared to her past escapades of wishing death on former Sai devotees, what to speak of castrating them.

As for running fat mouths of the Internet, cough cough, one might well ask the same question to Lisa considering her very long and sordid history of wildly attacking and barking at former Sai devotees with all the strength and agility of a rottweiler, on an almost daily basis for four years!

Lisa De Witt should be
reported to the Arizona State Police.

October 24, 2006

Self-Appointed Jihadi Sai Defender

A recent comment from Lisa De Witt on the Quicktopic Sai Baba board backs up my thoughts on Sai devotees being of a fundamentalist and militant outlook, something that I stated over a year ago. In the middle of defending Gerald Moreno's bad behaviour and wholly embracing him in spite of his documented lies and deceit, she now appears to have gone totally up the wall in her views regarding Sai Baba. Read her comments for yourselves:

In short, Sathya Sai Baba is equal to the Christ and that his alarming exposure as a proven fraud, charlatan and trickster - what to speak of extremely serious allegations of homosexual paedophilia, murders, financial scandals, organ thefts and much more! - is just like Christ being crucified. For the record, Lisa De Witt has gone on record as claiming to have several "visitations" from Jesus Christ and assorted angels as well as having healing powers, and her horrific abuse of anyone who disagrees with her opinions is a sight to behold! She is completely loopy and her latest comments prove it.

She is willing to die for Sathya Sai Baba.

Despite my criticisms of Sai devotees miseducation on various spiritual topics, they are overall a nice bunch of folks. People like Lisa De Witt and their rabid fanaticism and their status as 'fringe' devotees are the types that give the rest of them a completely bad name. It just goes to prove what I wrote over a year ago when musing on the mentality of Sai devotees:

"How can we deal with such people, who genuinely think that they are the bearers of the divine torchlight, recruited soldiers in the war against illusion, the type of people who would be happy to give their lives in "Sai Service"?

"It appears to be the same sort of mindset as an Islamic suicide bomber. This is not to say that we can expect Sai Baba devotees to blow themselves up in the middle of crowded places, but the mentality and the innate sense of exclusivity is something that I find horrifically similar. Having spent some time indulging one of my favourite hobbies (reading political history), the parallels that I find in the mentalities are unnerving and uncanny. The same sort of foreboding mentality, the utter refusal to accept a different point of view, the senseless denial that is employed in the face of undisputed facts, and lastly, the firm conviction that they will one day be vindicated for their beliefs." - The Chosen People (September 25, 2005)

What to speak of the fact that this is a public affirmation of Lisa's self-conception as a self-appointed defender of Sai Baba, we can take noe of the fact that she is not endorsed by Sathya Sai Baba or his Organisation. That also goes for her equally fanatical (if not more) colleagues like Gerald Moreno. But actually it's rather sad to see brainwashed devotees speak in this cult-straitjacket manner; their own oppressive belief system chains then to a post of their own making instead of granting them the supposed freedom that they think is their birthright. This is what cults do to people, they make them lose their minds until they are ready and willing to die for their cause.

October 14, 2006

Who Gives A Shit?

September 26, 2006

Lisa Admits Residing In Sewers!

At long last:

"And whatever happened to taking the 'high road' hatemonger Dadlani? Just can't stay out of the sewer can ya?"

This is obviously in reaction to my post: "Moreno's TRUE Feelings For Lisa Dee", where I showed an instance of Gerald Moreno's own hypocritical behaviour in overlooking the very real faults, slanders and defamations carried out by his venomous and evil twin. To sum, Gerald stated that he does not agree with Lisa's vicious tone of speaking, stating that she could have taken the 'high road' (for which he agrees she did not do) and is thus fully responsible for her words and their consequences thereof. Still he continues to embrace her and is perfectly happy to work with a vicious rottweiler who openly wishes death on Sai Baba's critics, terming them as cancerous growths, whores, retarded, barwhores, venereal diseases, wishing brain tumours upon them, even wanting to CASTRATE them, and much more utterly shocking statements of pure hatred.

At least we now have a statement (admission?) from Lisa that any environment in which she is present can be correctly likened to a sewer. This is what I have been saying all along; Sai Baba defenders and their gutter tactics of ad-hominem attacks and smearing former devotees should remain in the gutters and the sewers where they belong. We all agreed on that, so now we can sit back and enjoy a cup of tea and biscuits. :-)

Blind To Moreno's Bad Behaviour

The following statement from Lisa De Witt amuses us:

"Notice how Dadlani is ALWAYS reading WRONGLY into what others are thinking and doing. This is because Dadlani spends too much time trying to mind everyone elses business but his own. Like I said before, one of these days dud boy is going to stick his nose in the wrong place and get it bit off."

How hilarious this is when this is a perfect evaluation of Gerald Moreno's behaviour, Lisa Dee's partner-in-crime. Slightly changing Lisa's statement (as Moreno loves to do) we come up with the following:

"Notice how Moreno is ALWAYS reading WRONGLY into what others are thinking and doing. This is because Moreno spends too much time trying to mind everyone elses business but his own. Like I said before, one of these days moron boy is going to stick his nose in the wrong place and get it bit off."
And indeed this is true. Gerald Moreno has deliberately deceived, lied, distorted and exaggerated everything he can find in orde to make former devotees of Sai Baba look bad. His nose has already been bitten off several times, courtesy of Guruphiliac, Dinakaran Rengachary, Guru Beau Peep, and finally condemned as a "f*****g wackjob".

Amazingly, Lisa De Witt never sees any faults in the behaviour or character of her comrades but is fully conversant with the real or imagined faults in former Sai Baba devotees. Tough luck, this is a clear instance of bias and cult groupthink.

Lisa Dee Denying Psychic Abilities?

With reference to my last two blogs, Lisa De Witt registered a complaint in her characteristically coarse language:

"I wasn't making psychic predictions dumbo. Where did I ever say I was, dork brain? Everyone knows what a lying con man you are so it's not hard to deduce that you are lying 99% of the time. No psychic ability needed."

First of all, this shows Lisa's typically inept reading skills; where did I ever say that she was making psychic predictions? On the other hand, Lisa has often claimed to be in possession of various psychic powers like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and has even claimed to possess the power to see people's auras not to mention claiming to have regular visitations from Jesus Christ and assorted angels. And of course from Sai Baba too.

Considering all of that, I couldn't help wondering if this psychic superwoman was able to divine the source of my anonymous reports or whether this was down to just plain human guesswork. If Lisa De Witt is now denying all of the supernatural claims she has made in the past, let her do so in a full and specific statement. While she's at it, she can explain what makes her think that the source of my anonymous reports was Jens Sethi. :-)

I'm fully expecting her to twist and turn and squirm her way out of this, or she may even surprise us all by keeping silent except for the characteristic token abuse before she turns around and storms off in a huff. :-)

September 25, 2006

Lisa Dee: Still A Failing Psychic

After the beginning of a new series of "whispers" on my blog, Lisa De Witt divined the following:
"I seriously doubt that anything your anonymous informant (Jens Sethi) tells you is the truth ashe seems to be a pathological liar like yourself Sinjay. After several years you still have not learned the difference between, rumour, gossip and a credible source. Like I said, any trash will do for you the wannabe tabloid writer and misogynistic pornographer."
This is becoming ever more silly and ridiculous, the fact that Lisa Dee claims to know who my anonymous informants are and whether their information is correct. Not least her contention about rumour and gossip when Lisa De Witt is herself the biggest peddler of lies, rumours, gossip, distortions and exaggerations, examples of which consist of her(still unproved) lie about my alleged predilections for child pornography, the fact that the former devotee movement consists of homosexual paedophiles, the fact that the former devotee movement is made up of Fundamentalist Christians, a CIA-endorsed campaign of disinformation regarding Sathya Sai Baba, and numerous silly little wacky theories that wouldn't merit any column inches in the National Enquirer.
We know where Lisa gets her ideas from: her brain. That says it all, really. :-)

Lisa Dee: FAILED German Psychic

After I displayed an anonymous letter sent to me on my blog, whereupon the sender informed me of of his experiences with Sai Baba and also his doubtful experiences in the Sai Organisation, Lisa suddenly divined the following:
"It's obvious this anonymous rambling diatribe is more tripe from Jens Sethi. Notice that Jens Sethi intimates here that peoplewere out to kill him at 16 years old! Is Jens Sethi another paranoid schizoprenic? The head injury he describes would explain a LOT. Too bad wannabe tabloid writer Dadlani is so ignorant and bent on seeking any kind of attention that he can't figure these things out for himself. Any kind of trash is fine with dudboy, as long as it's TRASH! Pathetic idiocy. Tell Jens Sethi his fifteen minutes of fame are up. Both he and abusedfor15years did themselves in as obvious liars when they tried to claim Baba did interviews alone with women."
I would have to take some time to figure out what on earth Lisa De Witt is ranting and raving on about here, but I wonder where she got the queer idea that my anonymous informant is Jens Sethi? This disturbing trend of speculative assumption is a major and prominent feature in all of her asinine criticisms of Sai Expose material. In fact I don't believe that she has come up with a single item of proof in order to prove any of her contentions, much less this one.
She claims it is "obvious" that my anonymous contact is Sethi, but how could she possibly know unless she is in touch with the same informant? For the record, the writer of that letter is not Jens Sethi and his identity is fully known to me. As a matter of fact, I have never corresponded with Jens Sethi and I don't even know his contact details.
Aside from all of that, far be it for Lisa De Witt to dismiss the devotee's letter as "trash". Of course it is trash. Anything critical of Sai Baba or even a "free thinking" essay from a devotee that deviates from the Sai norms is trash to these dilapidated examples of humanity. Far be it for Lisa De Witt, who doesn't even practice an iota of Sai Baba's teachings in her personal life (especially those related to good behaviour and sweet speech) to point her scrawny fingers at her fellow devotees and criticise them for their thoughts and genuine experiences of hypocrisy in the Sai Organisation. This is a typical "Us vs. Them" style of thinking that features prominently in cult groupthink, and it is especially interesting that not even fellow devotees are exempt from Lisa De Witt's vociferous canards.
Tough luck. If Lisa De Witt cannot handle the fact that her fellow Geramn citizens are humanitarian enough to speak out against hypocrisy and cheating in the Organisation, she will have to learn it the hard way. It seems typical to me that senior Sai Organisation officials in Germany overlook reports of leaders' disturbing behaviour (Manfred Müller-Gransee in this case) and even allow him to indulge in smoking, in full violation of Sai Baba's teachings. What else can we expect from a bunch of crooks?

Lisa Dee Disables Joe Moreno

After having been stung by the strong exposure of Gerald Moreno's vile and reprehensible mockery of disabled people, and after openly praising Moreno for his detestable actions and joyfully patting him on the back for it, Lisa urged Moreno to perform the following as well as going off on a tangent in a windy rant:

"You should do a blog about how Sanjay makes fun of Baba's physical characteristics and then whines when he gets a dose of his own medicine."

As if having no less than three hateful stalkblogs about me is not enough, Lisa Dee is urging Moreno to obsess even more and open a fourth blog with which to stalk me. Whew! I wonder if I should be flattered with all this attention. Perhaps I should start signing autographs?

In any case, what Lisa De Witt completely fails to understand (as is typical of her rank ignorance in spiritual matters) is that Sai Baba is a self-proclaimed incarnation of God who has declared that no harm or misfortune would ever befall him. Moreover, if the "prophecies" are to be believed, Sai Baba would always retain a youthful look. His current lamentable state of being consigned to a wheelchair and standing for short periods of time, not to mention his constant shaking, sweating and shivering is clearly the behaviour of an old and sick man even according to objective eyes. He is believed to be suffering the onset of Parkinson's Disease. The Baba's physical state is verifiable to open eyes except for devotees like De Witt who prefer to bury their heads in the sand and continue to live in a cocoon of their own making.

The (ironic) difference is that I am a human being and, if I do suffer any physical abnormalities or just plain incapacity, I am allowed to do so. I do not claim to be an incarnation of God nor do I claim to be the sole deliverance for the world. De Witt cannot get it into her thick head that Sai Baba is himself a massive contradiction. Whereas he has stated in the past that he gets ill and that any instance of "illness" is actually the assumption of an illness of a dedicated devotee upon himself, and whereas he has stated that his current state is not due to any assumption but actually his own physical state, the conclusion is clear. Sai Baba is a charlatan who cannot even keep his stories straight, chopping and changing whenever it suits him.

If Sai Baba would give up his charade and admit to the world that he is nothing but a blatant fraud, he just might be deserving of a small ounce of compassion or even sympathy for his trials. He doesn't, and so he deserves what he gets; the full exposure of his vast riddles and contradictions that thoroughly expose him to be a confused and senile old man.

Lisa ranted further:

"Not to mention I have been working with disabled and terminally ill people since I was in high school and none of them are as whiney and as full of self pity as Sanjay.

"One of my friends in college was a deaf teacher whom I took sign language from. she was studying for her PHd in Anthropology. Unlike Sanjay who likes to do nothing but bully people, she knew how to laugh at herself."

Self-pity? Mind showing me an example of my apparent self-pity as related to my disability? The record shows that I have never brought it up unless it has been brought up by other people (often with a malicious purpose) or if it is directly relevant to the point of discussion. I eschew sympathy because I do not even consider myself to be disabled. It has very little bearing on my day-to-day life thanks to the wonders of technology.

Oh, and I do know how to laugh at myself and I do so very often. However, when a scallywag like Moreno deliberately puts together a picture of sign-language gestures with a malicious message in a deliberate attempt to make reference to my disability and mock it, implying that I have comprehension issues, that is purely detestable and reprehensible. Of course, Moreno is doing himself absolutely no favours at all, because the right people are watching his every move and are nothing but shocked and aghast at his cruelly insensitive ways towards former critics and sexual abuse victims.

Tough luck. Moreno will suffer and continue to be exposed unless and until he gives up his ways.

Barking In Moreno's Defence

Jumping to Moreno's defence after my post, Lisa bared her fangs and barked the following (to Moreno):

"Not to mention Sanjay has NOT been civil at all to you on this board. He has lied and bullied
from the time you came here, Joe. Same tactics he has used on me and anyone else who disagreed with him or confronted him with his pathological lies.

"Sanjay needs to get a grip on reality."
That's funny, because the official records show that I have been nothing but civil to Gerald Moreno from the start of our discussions (October 20, 2005). Brief though it was, he was also reasonably civil to me. The record also shows that Gerald Moreno became increasingly rude until he became openly hostile and vicious just as he is now.

Tough luck. The records always tend to back me up, don't they? Makes me wonder who really needs to get a grip on reality.

September 22, 2006

Lisa Laughs At The Disabled

Gerald Moreno recently saw fit to mock me for my disability. See Psychopath Moreno Laughs At Disabled for more information.

Typically he was not alone in this. His dearmost comrade-in-arms, Lisa De Witt, openly rejoiced at his behaviour by way of congratulating him, making the following statement:

"LOL...ROTFL!!! That is WAY too funny but he's probably dyslexic too! And of course we know Sanjay will now dutifully play the victim."

Good to see than an equally despicable person (if not more) like Lisa finds it highly amusing to mock the disabilities and sufferings of other people, but even beats Moreno by Rolling On The Floor Laughing. And yes, you did read correctly; Lisa unashamedly alleges that I might also be dyslexic in addition to my hearing impairment while also sneering at my right to reply, implying that I should keep silent and not raise an objection to their morally reprehensible behaviour! And for the record I am not dyslexic.

It is quite typical for the Terrible Twins to work in tandem stalking and harassing former devotees of Sathya Sai Baba all over the Internet, smearing them in the most horrific ways with the scantiest of proof. Now that they have fallen impossibly low in the credibility stakes and have lost the respect of almost everybody who would give them the time of day, very little remains to be said further, except for this: These are the people who dedicate their lives to the "holy mission" of defending Sathya Sai Baba from allegations of homosexual paedophilia, rape, murders, financial scandals and other very serious affairs. Sai Bba takes pride in presenting himself as an ambassador for ideal human qualities such as truth, peace, love, nonviolence and so on. How sad it is that he is left with these two rottweilers to fight his corner.

And the final irony is this: I do not know a word of sign-language. My hearing level is not as bad as other deaf people, and so I have no need to be offended by what I personally view as a worthless criticism. I just felt that it would be useful to publicly highlight the very open and scandalous behaviour of a pair of alsatians, who take it on themselves to point out every flaw that comes within their myopic purview when they are themselves held to scrutiny over their very immoral and questionable behaviour. To say the least.

September 21, 2006

Lisa De Witt Bombs A Temple

As part of her feeble attempt to distract people away from noticing her evil desires to wish death on Sai baba's critics, Lisa attempted to produce an old post of mine wherein I commented on the bombing of the Sivam temple at Hyderabad, India. This temple is one of Sai Baba's three ashrams apart from his usual haunts at Puttaparthi and Whitefield; Sathyam (Mumbai), Sivam (Hyderabad) and Sundaram (Chennai).

Here is my post in full context. I commented on the posting of Charlene Leslie-Chaden's experience at the ashram. Upon Charlene's mention of the Hyderabad bombing, I stated: "Yay! The SB temple got bombed! :) Whoopee!" After Lisa De Witt impotently threatened to report me to Indian intelligence services, I clarified my comments as follows:

"And damn right, I am so happy that SB temples are being bombed. This is SB's own karma coming back to him. What a great God he is, he couldn't even protect his own temple, what a magnificent avatar.

"I wonder if anyone actually died in the blast."

I'll be the first one to state that this was no less than a completely insensitive remark, born of my eagerness to denigrate Sai Baba and his luxurious properties around the country with gold bathroom fittings, chandeliers and all the rest of it. However, I do still believe that my remarks have immense theological significance on the question of Sai Baba's so-called omnipotence: When we constantly hear propaganda stories about how everything to do with Sai Baba is under his constant protection due to his being an Avatar (incarnation of God), we may be forgiven for experiencing extreme surprise at the fact that he couldn't even prevent one of his three big buildings from being attacked by terrorists!

Amazingly enough, Lisa De Witt twists my last sentence out of all proportion and holds it up as evidence of my making a death wish on Sai Baba devotees! Just to clarify, it was a simple and a sincere question because obviously I would not rejoice over the deaths of anybody including Sai Baba's devotees. Reading my comments in context, it is clear to see that the only thing I am being gleeful about is the bombing of the property itself, which is intricately tied up with the issue of Sai Baba's so-called omnipotence.

Talk about intellectual dishonesty! And the part about my alleged death wish is pure fantasy! This is a completely far cry from openly wishing death on Sai Baba's critics, terming them as cancerous growths, whores, retarded, barwhores, venereal diseases, wishing brain tumours upon them, even wanting to CASTRATE them, and much more utterly shocking statements of pure hatred.

Update September 21 04:00 -

Gerald Moreno (Lisa's comrade-in-arms) pointed out that the bombed temple was actually a temple for Shirdi Sai Baba and not Puttaparthi Sai Baba as assumed. As is typical of his own style of jumping to wild conclusions, he has claimed that former devotees (including myself) jumped on the "bandwagon" and rejoiced at the bombing of a Sai Baba temple while paying scant attention to which particular Sai Baba was involved. If he had even an ounce of intellectual honesty, he would take note of the original post of Charlene Leslie-Chaden's report (dated February 27, 2003 and originally sourced at Sai Maa Tripod) and how it did not specify which Baba was being spoken of.

Consequenty, to quote one of Moreno's fond phrases, the blame for this lies at Charlene's door.

Lisa's Death Wish LIE (And More)

In a feeble response to the last post about wishing death on Sai Baba's critics, Lisa De Witt made the following response:

"More lies from dumbo. The ONLY thing I have ever stated is I hope you all go to jail before you hurt more people. Death is an easy out for cowards and con artists like you not to have to take responsibilty for your evil ways."

Talking about jumping from the frying pan into the fire! After shamelessly pretending that she did not wish death on Sai Baba critics, but even proceeds to state that death would be an easy way out for them! Isn't that a twisted re-confirmation of a death wish? The only problem is that this is not the first time that she has wished death on Sai Baba's critics, as she has done it several times in the past to different people. All of them Sai critics, of course. So tough luck, Lisa is a liar.

It is an extremely well known fact that Lisa is a raging rottweiler whose hatred for Sai Baba's critics knows no bounds at all. Even on this blog we have noticed her hateful attempts to categorise Sai critics as cancerous growths, whores, retarded, barwhores, venereal diseases, and tons more besides. This is not even a complete record because it would be a mammoth task to catalog Lisa De Witt's sordid history of unprovable slander and malice. She even once claimed that I had a brain tumour which would cause my death, and that she could even see it growing in my head. This is the kind of utterly despicable and rotten maggot who defends Sai Baba, a homosexual paedophile and self-declared incarnation of "love". What a lovely example of a devotee for the world to witness.