September 25, 2006

Lisa Dee: FAILED German Psychic

After I displayed an anonymous letter sent to me on my blog, whereupon the sender informed me of of his experiences with Sai Baba and also his doubtful experiences in the Sai Organisation, Lisa suddenly divined the following:
"It's obvious this anonymous rambling diatribe is more tripe from Jens Sethi. Notice that Jens Sethi intimates here that peoplewere out to kill him at 16 years old! Is Jens Sethi another paranoid schizoprenic? The head injury he describes would explain a LOT. Too bad wannabe tabloid writer Dadlani is so ignorant and bent on seeking any kind of attention that he can't figure these things out for himself. Any kind of trash is fine with dudboy, as long as it's TRASH! Pathetic idiocy. Tell Jens Sethi his fifteen minutes of fame are up. Both he and abusedfor15years did themselves in as obvious liars when they tried to claim Baba did interviews alone with women."
I would have to take some time to figure out what on earth Lisa De Witt is ranting and raving on about here, but I wonder where she got the queer idea that my anonymous informant is Jens Sethi? This disturbing trend of speculative assumption is a major and prominent feature in all of her asinine criticisms of Sai Expose material. In fact I don't believe that she has come up with a single item of proof in order to prove any of her contentions, much less this one.
She claims it is "obvious" that my anonymous contact is Sethi, but how could she possibly know unless she is in touch with the same informant? For the record, the writer of that letter is not Jens Sethi and his identity is fully known to me. As a matter of fact, I have never corresponded with Jens Sethi and I don't even know his contact details.
Aside from all of that, far be it for Lisa De Witt to dismiss the devotee's letter as "trash". Of course it is trash. Anything critical of Sai Baba or even a "free thinking" essay from a devotee that deviates from the Sai norms is trash to these dilapidated examples of humanity. Far be it for Lisa De Witt, who doesn't even practice an iota of Sai Baba's teachings in her personal life (especially those related to good behaviour and sweet speech) to point her scrawny fingers at her fellow devotees and criticise them for their thoughts and genuine experiences of hypocrisy in the Sai Organisation. This is a typical "Us vs. Them" style of thinking that features prominently in cult groupthink, and it is especially interesting that not even fellow devotees are exempt from Lisa De Witt's vociferous canards.
Tough luck. If Lisa De Witt cannot handle the fact that her fellow Geramn citizens are humanitarian enough to speak out against hypocrisy and cheating in the Organisation, she will have to learn it the hard way. It seems typical to me that senior Sai Organisation officials in Germany overlook reports of leaders' disturbing behaviour (Manfred Müller-Gransee in this case) and even allow him to indulge in smoking, in full violation of Sai Baba's teachings. What else can we expect from a bunch of crooks?