September 25, 2006

Lisa Dee Disables Joe Moreno

After having been stung by the strong exposure of Gerald Moreno's vile and reprehensible mockery of disabled people, and after openly praising Moreno for his detestable actions and joyfully patting him on the back for it, Lisa urged Moreno to perform the following as well as going off on a tangent in a windy rant:

"You should do a blog about how Sanjay makes fun of Baba's physical characteristics and then whines when he gets a dose of his own medicine."

As if having no less than three hateful stalkblogs about me is not enough, Lisa Dee is urging Moreno to obsess even more and open a fourth blog with which to stalk me. Whew! I wonder if I should be flattered with all this attention. Perhaps I should start signing autographs?

In any case, what Lisa De Witt completely fails to understand (as is typical of her rank ignorance in spiritual matters) is that Sai Baba is a self-proclaimed incarnation of God who has declared that no harm or misfortune would ever befall him. Moreover, if the "prophecies" are to be believed, Sai Baba would always retain a youthful look. His current lamentable state of being consigned to a wheelchair and standing for short periods of time, not to mention his constant shaking, sweating and shivering is clearly the behaviour of an old and sick man even according to objective eyes. He is believed to be suffering the onset of Parkinson's Disease. The Baba's physical state is verifiable to open eyes except for devotees like De Witt who prefer to bury their heads in the sand and continue to live in a cocoon of their own making.

The (ironic) difference is that I am a human being and, if I do suffer any physical abnormalities or just plain incapacity, I am allowed to do so. I do not claim to be an incarnation of God nor do I claim to be the sole deliverance for the world. De Witt cannot get it into her thick head that Sai Baba is himself a massive contradiction. Whereas he has stated in the past that he gets ill and that any instance of "illness" is actually the assumption of an illness of a dedicated devotee upon himself, and whereas he has stated that his current state is not due to any assumption but actually his own physical state, the conclusion is clear. Sai Baba is a charlatan who cannot even keep his stories straight, chopping and changing whenever it suits him.

If Sai Baba would give up his charade and admit to the world that he is nothing but a blatant fraud, he just might be deserving of a small ounce of compassion or even sympathy for his trials. He doesn't, and so he deserves what he gets; the full exposure of his vast riddles and contradictions that thoroughly expose him to be a confused and senile old man.

Lisa ranted further:

"Not to mention I have been working with disabled and terminally ill people since I was in high school and none of them are as whiney and as full of self pity as Sanjay.

"One of my friends in college was a deaf teacher whom I took sign language from. she was studying for her PHd in Anthropology. Unlike Sanjay who likes to do nothing but bully people, she knew how to laugh at herself."

Self-pity? Mind showing me an example of my apparent self-pity as related to my disability? The record shows that I have never brought it up unless it has been brought up by other people (often with a malicious purpose) or if it is directly relevant to the point of discussion. I eschew sympathy because I do not even consider myself to be disabled. It has very little bearing on my day-to-day life thanks to the wonders of technology.

Oh, and I do know how to laugh at myself and I do so very often. However, when a scallywag like Moreno deliberately puts together a picture of sign-language gestures with a malicious message in a deliberate attempt to make reference to my disability and mock it, implying that I have comprehension issues, that is purely detestable and reprehensible. Of course, Moreno is doing himself absolutely no favours at all, because the right people are watching his every move and are nothing but shocked and aghast at his cruelly insensitive ways towards former critics and sexual abuse victims.

Tough luck. Moreno will suffer and continue to be exposed unless and until he gives up his ways.