September 21, 2006

Lisa's Death Wish LIE (And More)

In a feeble response to the last post about wishing death on Sai Baba's critics, Lisa De Witt made the following response:

"More lies from dumbo. The ONLY thing I have ever stated is I hope you all go to jail before you hurt more people. Death is an easy out for cowards and con artists like you not to have to take responsibilty for your evil ways."

Talking about jumping from the frying pan into the fire! After shamelessly pretending that she did not wish death on Sai Baba critics, but even proceeds to state that death would be an easy way out for them! Isn't that a twisted re-confirmation of a death wish? The only problem is that this is not the first time that she has wished death on Sai Baba's critics, as she has done it several times in the past to different people. All of them Sai critics, of course. So tough luck, Lisa is a liar.

It is an extremely well known fact that Lisa is a raging rottweiler whose hatred for Sai Baba's critics knows no bounds at all. Even on this blog we have noticed her hateful attempts to categorise Sai critics as cancerous growths, whores, retarded, barwhores, venereal diseases, and tons more besides. This is not even a complete record because it would be a mammoth task to catalog Lisa De Witt's sordid history of unprovable slander and malice. She even once claimed that I had a brain tumour which would cause my death, and that she could even see it growing in my head. This is the kind of utterly despicable and rotten maggot who defends Sai Baba, a homosexual paedophile and self-declared incarnation of "love". What a lovely example of a devotee for the world to witness.