March 13, 2006

More maturity

What a pathetic hypocrite you are Tony. You are one of the biggest "touters" there is! In that case I guess you better go through and delete most of your own posts, ya wacko.

Grow up, hypocrite.

You better learn to introspect ya big baby because the truth is, your issues are why you are here, NOT Baba. You are here because you are hung up on having to have your own way. In fact, you are SO hung up on having to have your own way, you will do ANYTHING to get it, including lie, and probably murder and steal with as phony and immoral as you are. And, oh yeah, I forgot one. You delete posts too! You CONSTANTLY have to invalidate others spiritual experiences because you are SO jealous you MUST have it YOUR way at ALL cost! With you it's ALL about having to have it your way. If you REALLY want to have it YOUR way Tony, go to Burger There, they'll give it to you ANY way you want.

Grow up ya big baby. Your contemptuous, condescending attitude is the biggest cover for a fraud like you that I have EVER seen.