January 17, 2006

Lisa babbling incoherently

This is the kind of idiotic childishness that D the pervert resorts to whenever his whining isn't accomplishing anything as is so often the case.

Besides the fact that ONE loyal and honest friend would be worth more than a thousand crooked and demented anti-Sais who thrive on nothing BUT toxic nonsense, D is once again deluding himself with his usual perverted mind games and lies which will someday end up putting him in either a mental hospital, jail or a grave.

BTW, I could care less what Dinakaren thinks. He is obviously one of you and is backing D the sex pervert (who consitently lies and abuses people) and other pathological liars in the anti-Sai group which says it all. He obviously HASN'T done any real research and just mindlessly accepts anything he hears from anti-Sais.