January 01, 2006

Lisa accuses T of drug warp

I'm wondering what kind of drugs Tony took that warped his brain so badly.

Tony is one of the biggest if not THE biggest FRAUD I have ever seen in my life. Easy to tell he is lying because his lips are moving. Fraud is EASY to prove and prosecute in court but Tony is too dumb and deluded to understand this. If what Tony was saying were true, he and his mentally and ethically challenged friends would be in court proving their point. The fact that Tony is here every day massaging his own ego is major proof he is the fraud. It is very EASY to get fraud victims to testify in court.

So where are all the fraud victims Tony?
You aren't a fraud victim. You stated in your email Sai Baba was very good to you and that you witnessed his powers on several occasions. Dorothy isn't a fraud victim, she wrote a book honoring Sai Baba's divine love. Others like you have now changed their stories. Millions like me are NOT changing their stories about how Sai Baba has positively affected our lives.

The facts very clearly show that you and your cadre of fools changed your stories and are now lying in order to make a case. One can only assume your lies are based on some as yet unknown agenda. Or maybe you really are just this dumb.