December 31, 2005

Lisa weaves S into Bhatia story

The only idiot who isn't making sense here is S the pervert.

I think it speaks volumes as to S's double standards when Bhatia also still claims that Sai Baba is God! If Bhatia is an adulterous married man and claiming to have sex with his guru who he claims is God, what does that say about Sanjay's ability to perceive character? In the anti-Sai camp character just absolutely doesn't count. According to the idiots, character ONLY counts if you are Sai Baba or pro-Sai. Pathetic hypocrisy! S admitted on his blog he has no problem sleeping with committed others. Perverts of a feather flock together.

Notice too how Brown just happened to leave out the fact that Bhatia is a married man. Given the fact that Brown also wrote a smear article about another Indian guru in the 1970's I am VERY suspicious of his motives.