December 27, 2005

Lisa De Witt pontificates on family situation

Wow, if this is the way S's family really is, I feel sorry for him. However, we haven't heard their side of the story and we all can see how "nice" S is. :) If he acts around his family like he acts towards people on the board, his parents probably feel like they need to hire a body guard to protect them from their own son.

What's wrong with money as a gift? That's what your parents seem to be asking for. And since you think it is so unoriginal, why don't you write a wishlist and give it to your parents so they get you something you like? It sounds to me like they are reflecting your attitude that no one ever gets gifts they like which just isn't true. We all get a few gifts that we're not probably thrilled about. That's what happens when you don't communicate.