December 14, 2005

Lisa speaks on pro-Sai collaboration

T the conscienceless blob.

That's ok Simon, Joe and I are documenting all this and people in the government, etc. are seeing all the lies.

The anti-Sais know they can't win by being honest so they are willing to use any and all forms of deceit. This may work temporarily on the unsuspecting public at large but it will NEVER play in a courtroom. And the anti-Sais are continuously putting themselves in legal jeopardy, arrogantly thinking they are getting away with their campaign of smears. The problem is, a house of cards can only stay up until the wind blows. And the wind is blowing.

T has made it very clear he is a lover of lies, not truth. Appparently his lies worked for him at some time in his life. Maybe they will work on dysfunctional, codependent people in his family and anti-Sai group but they won't work on conscious, free thinkers who have a brain.