December 14, 2005

Lisa alleges anti-Sais homosexual transvestite

I think you are talking about claims D made. Apparently he had an anonymous friend who claimed some things about Bailey and Tony. The yahoogroup they were posted on has been deleted so there's no way to recover them for research. Another person posted on the quicktopic board that Bailey was always hitting on men even though he had married Faye.

I do know Tony was hanging out with drag queens. Maybe he is one himself as there is an aoclerry listed in the member section as a female. Maybe that is why he was posing as sivatayi also claiming to be a female. Lots of drag queens are gay so he could be gay.

OA was also using a username which was female so maybe he is one of the drag queens. When I confronted him with it he avoided just answering no so I think he is. Tony avoided my question about it too now that I think of it.

Tony is obviously VERY confused so anything is possible.