December 12, 2005

Lisa De Witt claims to have a conscience!

Hypocrite Dadlani is ALWAYS telling people HOW they should act. And if you go back to the very beginning of the messages on this board you will see clearly his snooty, obnoxious and often perverted behavior and lies, repeated over andover again, ad infinitum.
Well, the same goes for Lisa De Witt. Since her fourth post on this board, she has rarely posted without a form of abuse or invective.

On the other hand, I have numerous times given a disclaimer to any negative behaviour from me by stating that SB follower should get a taste of their own medicine. Historically it is a FACT that SB devotees have caused trouble on ALL boards meant for discussion on Sai Baba and the allegations surrounding him. No matter how anyone tries to skirt around, it will be impossible to do so with this fact.

Since hypocrite Dadlani doesn't believe in Sai Baba he has no right to tell me how I should act with regard to Sai Baba. He can't have it both ways.
In other words, Lisa De Witt wishes to blame me for her inability to follow Sai Baba's direct teachings. The lamest, most pathetic excuse I have ever heard.
That's great, isn't it? :-) "Swami, I tried to follow your teachings but Sanjay wouldn't let me."

I'm playing by Dadlani's rules which I have EVERY right to doconsidering his insidious, sociopathic mental derangement.

Which is quite hilarious since this is the very same neurological disorder that Lisa De Witt has presented with on these boards since her fourth post here. Many references have been made to Lisa being taken away by the men in white coats and being placed in a padded cell. The blame for this lies at Lisa's feet; she shouldn't have exhibited her schizophrenic tendencies by telling us all of her hallucinations, her complete lack of understanding things that are said in discussion, as well as her evident lack of behaviour, morals and manners.

As far as my "rules" go, the record shows that I have often appealed to people here to stop trading insults and simply focus on the issues surrounding Sai Baba, which is the purpose of this board. To date, nobody has taken me up on my offer. Except Tony O'Clery. Despite any disagreements that anyone may have with Tony and his views, at least he is still talking about Sai Baba and his faults, etc.

The big difference is, I have a conscience. Dadlani DOESN'T.
This goes on the record. Let's recap here:

- Lisa has made racist remarks.

- Lisa has wished death on anti-Sai activists.

- Lisa equates anti-Sai activists with demons.

- Lisa has been suspected of being a transsexual/transvestite with kinky sexual predilections involving leather chains/whips/handcuffs, schoolgirl uniforms, high heels, etc.

- Lisa has made completely false and unproven allegations at just about every anti-Sai out there.

- Lisa is compulsively inclined to abuse anyone who disagrees with her point of view.

- Lisa throws people out of her yahoogroup if they disagree with her views, even Sai devotees/admirers who may disagree!

- Lisa approves of and completely agrees with any attempt to smear and malign any anti-Sai activists despite any tangible lack of reason or motive.

The above is not even 1% of Lisa's behaviour and activities, yet somehow she claims to have a conscience!

At the end of the day and with due consideration of time, Lisa will get hers. Moreno will get his too. And I hope they both sleep soundly at night without guilty consciences. :-)