December 12, 2005

Lisa De Witt justifies her viciousness

"It is VERY important for the world to know the kinds of wackos like Dadlani and O'Clery that are spreading lies and filth against one of the greatest spiritual beings to EVER incarnate on earth.

"Besides that, the hypocritical cowards usually go OFF-TOPIC to attack devotees anyway. Then whine like crybabies when their karma returns. Maybe if the attention-seeking crybabies would shut their mouths they wouldn't be talked about so much.

"The anti-Sais are like fascists."

"But that premise - that SB is spiritual being, etc - is the very one that we are contending. That is what this board was for, to discuss Sai Baba. Sai Baba is not a spiritual being, never mind a great one, and his birth was just as mortal and labour-ridden as anyone else's.

"Interestingly enough, Lisa De Witt has formed her own yahoogroup for the purpose of discussing people's behaviours. I have noted several times already that if she and/or her fans wish to contribute anything on that subject, they may do so over there. However, not here."

Also, please note how Lisa De Witt says that anti-Sais should "shut their mouths" if they do not want to be talked about. In other words, we must be in fear of these formidable devotees because they hold all the cards.

In any case, there is also the question of freedom of speech. Lisa and her colleague Moreno love to distract topics away from Sai Baba and to focus on the personal charatcers of his opponents, which is off-topic. When we inform them of this, they accuse us of fascism. Oh well.