December 28, 2005

Lisa defends her disability mocking behaviour!

I see S is playing victim again with the disability issue. Why is it ok for S to continually mock everyone, including women, which he calls "*itches, but it is not ok for me to make a comment about him when he mocks Sai Baba for simply telling the truth about his hearing problem? Once again S the hypocrite is projecting his own pathologies onto others. Gee, didn't S just lambaste others for not commenting on his blog? And now when they do he cowers again in the corner and whines like a baby.

I don't know any deaf people who whine quite like D. Or terminally ill patients either.

And nobody needs to defend Sai Baba. There is NO legal case against him. PERIOD. All there are is a bunch of cowardly "men" (and I use the term VERY loosely) like D whining like crybabies on the internet and pretending they live in fantasyland where facts don't matter.

REAL victims file charges with police. They don't pretend to be children whoere molested when, in REALITY, they were adults of legal age. Morphing genitals and all (roll eyes)! Pathetic.

But D is too dumb to see a crock of bull when he hears it. Probably because he is so full of it himself. Ditto for his cadre of fools, O'C et al.