December 31, 2005

Lisa's hateful diatribe on T

Tony got his very own page in the anti-Sai Hall of Shame on More blatant lies of Tony's were revealed for the whole world to see. Tony was booted from another yahoogroup for his continuous obnoxious behavior.

One has to wonder why Tony is investing so much negative energy in bashing innocent devotees and wishing ill on them. Doesn't Tony realize YET that his negativity is going to recoil on him?

This just goes to show how immature Tony is about spirituality. For all his condescending diatribes he still doesn't get it. Tony has a sadistic personality which LOVES to inflict abuse on others under the guise of spirituality.

This is just ONE of the many reasons I still believe Tony is hitting the bottle.

Sixty-some years old and Tony is still a hateful bigot.