March 12, 2006

So mature..

In all my years of arguing with this crazy woman this has to be the first time I've seen her talk and reason like a retard, I'm almost ashamed to say. You can almost hear that whiny voice ringing in your eardrums.

I have to say Tony, one thing you are VERY good at is making STUPID assumptions!

I don't know Rasa you idiot. I just happened to look at your yahoogroup after she had posted her dream interpretation which you selfishly deleted because you can't stand letting someone else have their say.

Sai Baba ISN'T a hermaphrodite you liar. Only the idiots who read Tal Brooke's fairytale started perpetuating this stupid story. Leave it to a dummy like you who lives in a fantasy world of reptilians to believe such idiocy. You obviously have GREAT difficulty separating FACT from FICTION, Tony. Why doesn't this surprise me?

What a pathetic double-talker (and fascist) you are Tony. If you can bash gurus, why shouldn't people be allowed to say positive things about them?

You are a very sick puppy Tony. Please go get some counselling for that obviously untreated alcoohol addiction. Listening to you is like listening to a person who is so wacked out on drugs he is out of touch with reality.

And remember Tony, you are losing this argument as the BURDEN of PROOF is on the accuser. Now get REAL Tony. And grow up for once.
And remember too, Tony, you are in the same camp as the atheists, drug addicts, religiously intolerant evangelists and mentally ill. As if that weren't enough of a CLUE, DUH.