March 13, 2006

Insight Into LDW's Reasoning Á La Sexual Molestation

In order to believe this ridiculous second-hand, generic story which is lacking in specifics (such as NAMES of people who might actually corroborate Ramesh's fairytale), you have to believe that a person walking in on a child rapist would underreact in such a selfish manner and rather than rescuing the children (notice there are "boys" as in plural), getting them medical attention so the crimes could be documented by medical forensics and the police alerted, this person simply threatens to leave the ashram!

Tony, you are so retarded it's unbelievable.

The only thing we know about cowardly Ramesh (if that is his real name) is that his IP address from traced to a bank in Honk Kong.

Please get a life, Tony. Your mental retardation is wearing thin. And the scariest part is that most of the anti-Sais seem to be this dumb.