September 25, 2006

Barking In Moreno's Defence

Jumping to Moreno's defence after my post, Lisa bared her fangs and barked the following (to Moreno):

"Not to mention Sanjay has NOT been civil at all to you on this board. He has lied and bullied
from the time you came here, Joe. Same tactics he has used on me and anyone else who disagreed with him or confronted him with his pathological lies.

"Sanjay needs to get a grip on reality."
That's funny, because the official records show that I have been nothing but civil to Gerald Moreno from the start of our discussions (October 20, 2005). Brief though it was, he was also reasonably civil to me. The record also shows that Gerald Moreno became increasingly rude until he became openly hostile and vicious just as he is now.

Tough luck. The records always tend to back me up, don't they? Makes me wonder who really needs to get a grip on reality.