September 22, 2006

Lisa Laughs At The Disabled

Gerald Moreno recently saw fit to mock me for my disability. See Psychopath Moreno Laughs At Disabled for more information.

Typically he was not alone in this. His dearmost comrade-in-arms, Lisa De Witt, openly rejoiced at his behaviour by way of congratulating him, making the following statement:

"LOL...ROTFL!!! That is WAY too funny but he's probably dyslexic too! And of course we know Sanjay will now dutifully play the victim."

Good to see than an equally despicable person (if not more) like Lisa finds it highly amusing to mock the disabilities and sufferings of other people, but even beats Moreno by Rolling On The Floor Laughing. And yes, you did read correctly; Lisa unashamedly alleges that I might also be dyslexic in addition to my hearing impairment while also sneering at my right to reply, implying that I should keep silent and not raise an objection to their morally reprehensible behaviour! And for the record I am not dyslexic.

It is quite typical for the Terrible Twins to work in tandem stalking and harassing former devotees of Sathya Sai Baba all over the Internet, smearing them in the most horrific ways with the scantiest of proof. Now that they have fallen impossibly low in the credibility stakes and have lost the respect of almost everybody who would give them the time of day, very little remains to be said further, except for this: These are the people who dedicate their lives to the "holy mission" of defending Sathya Sai Baba from allegations of homosexual paedophilia, rape, murders, financial scandals and other very serious affairs. Sai Bba takes pride in presenting himself as an ambassador for ideal human qualities such as truth, peace, love, nonviolence and so on. How sad it is that he is left with these two rottweilers to fight his corner.

And the final irony is this: I do not know a word of sign-language. My hearing level is not as bad as other deaf people, and so I have no need to be offended by what I personally view as a worthless criticism. I just felt that it would be useful to publicly highlight the very open and scandalous behaviour of a pair of alsatians, who take it on themselves to point out every flaw that comes within their myopic purview when they are themselves held to scrutiny over their very immoral and questionable behaviour. To say the least.