October 05, 2005

Accusing Andries of Racism

It's kinda funny to see Lisa Dee shrieking her head off if her vile vitriol didn't contain such serious defamatory content:

"Oh please Andries, use your brain. The guy who wrote Love is My Form even admitted on his site that roadblocks were constantly put in his way in publishing that book and that EVERY time he found out his info was WRONG. So EVEN he admits his book was FULL of inacuracies.

"What is amazing to me is how you people continue to hide your heads in the sand regarding the accusers (Alaya, Keith Ord, anonymous 15 yo, and Tal Brooke) who claim supernaturally morphing genitalia! It's stuff like this that makes you people look not only stupid but INSANE to those in the REAL world who aren't closet racists like YOU seem to be!!!!

"Maybe you should ask yourself Andries WHY you are SO content to persecute ONLY Indian holy men. I don't see you going after ANY white men Andries. ALL your targets are Indian!!! Consequently, I think you are a RACIST. Ditto for David Lane."