November 29, 2005

Lisa De Witt on self-avoidance and hypocrisy

--- In, "conscientiousobjector2000"
> It's becoming very apparent that the anti-Sais are more interested
in minding everyone elses business so they don't have to look at or
deal with their own very scary shortcomings.

Oh, and here's me thinking we were here to discuss Sai Baba and SB-related shortcomings in a yahoogroup which, funnily enough, is dedicated to the subject. :-)

Unlike the pro-Sais, who spend ALL of their time focusing on the "scary shortcomings" of the anti-Sais?

LOL! "Hypocrisy" is too nice a word! :-)

Lisa De Witt comments on anti-SB parentage

Maybe [D] banged his head and that is why he is so brainless.

And we have urged [D] and [O'C] to stop their continuous lies and childish mind games but to NO avail. Never mind meat eating!

They are stuck on stupid for life it seems. Twin sons of different mothers. Mirror reflections of each others idiocies.

Lisa De Witt Racism comment (ME)

Subject:Re: Terrorist 'Probing Attacks' Said to be Happening Nationwide -- 08/09/2004
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> "conscientiousobjector2000"
> wrote:
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> kennnthomas@w... wrote:
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> Page=\SpecialReports\archive\200408\SPE20040809a.html
> >
> > &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&}
> >
> > Maybe all ME men should be banned from going
> potty on planes and
> loitering in groups of two or Better
> yet maybe we should
> just put tape on their mouths. I feel safe now.
> <<

A racist reference from Lisa De Witt about her comment regarding Middle-Eastern men. She was heavily chastised for this by I and Khorramshahgol, but amusingly enough claims that our chastisements are to be considered as "harassment" and clams to have reported us for this. In other words, Lisa is complaining about how she gets harassed for making racist remarks.

Lisa De Witt makes false allegations

--- In, "conscientiousobjector2000" wrote:
> Hilarious watching pervert Dadlani rant about stalking when I've watched him, van der Sandt and Khorramshagol harass not only me but others on this board for the last three years. In fact, I had to report all three of them for sending me harassing emails. Dadlani and Khorramshahgol came to a totally non-related site here I do research and tried to harass me there too and were booted. And this doesn't even include all the nasty emails the other bozos like Pittard, Meloy and Priddy have sent people.
> Pathetic watching such an abusive thug like Dadlani whine like a baby because someone is holding him accountable for his deplorable and totally wacko behavior. The anti-Sais think everyone but them should be honest and accountable.
> Grow up idiot Dadlani.

1 - It is a matter of opinion (usually Lisa's) that we have been "harassing" her on this board. Some people might view it as having a discussion, or even an argument. Harassment is not the word. How ridiculous. If we were "harassing" her, she has always had the freedom to leave this place if she didn't like it.

2 - Lisa De Witt claims that she has reported me(to who?) for sending harassing emails. The one problem with this is that I have never sent Lisa De Witt an email, ever.

3 - She also claims that I and Khorramshahgol came to a totally non-related site (the 'crimgov' yahoogroup) and tried to "harass" her there. The one problem with this is that I have never posted a single thing on that yahoogroup.

These false allegations have been recorded.

November 27, 2005

More abuse from Lisa

The hypocrite continues his drivel.

Hate to tell you this Tony but YOU are a compulsive liar and God only knows what else. To hear you talk about compulsions is TRULY laughable. Please get a life. It's obvious you are certifiably innane and insane.

Lest I repeat myself (like Tony)...

Here we have Tony, the BIGGEST hypocrite of them ALL still trying to stick his BIG Pinnochio nose into everyone elses business.

WHEN are you going to grow up ya old coot? Your constant whining and drivel are enough to get you put into a mental hospital (and I'm NOT kidding).

So tell us when you were diagnosed as a manic depressive Tony. And how many times have you cheated on your wife?

Lisa suggests Jesus endorses meat-eating

In a discussion pertaining to the issue of how SB devotees apparently do not make much of an effort to follow SB's dictums against meat-eating, we see Lisa offering a paltry justification/defence of meat-eating by suggesting that it must be "authorised" in some way because of Jesus's apparent endorsement:

And don't forget about Jesus feeding the multitudes FISHES and loaves!

Narrow-minded bigots like Tony and Sanjay just DON'T GET that the message is about PREMA. They are so busy messaging their intellectual superiority complexes and minding everyone elses business and then wonder why they are so unhappy and not getting anywhere.

Cruel to humans?

Not to mention Tony is cruel to humans!

More cognitive dissonance!

I've also noticed how Tony demands others answer his questions but he refuses to
answer or lies about his answers.

A totally self-involved control freak.

When will Tony get treatment for his alcoholism?

This is kind of funny coming from someone who has a record of being abusive in almost every post she has ever written on the Lane board. Her very fourth post was filled with the abuse that became typical of her MO as observed later.

How ironic that she speaks of cruelty to humans? This comes from someone who has wished death on anti-Sai activists and has wished for brain tumours to appear within their heads, if I remember correctly! Not to mention the constant and unending abuse from this poor example of a human being.

As for the chastisement relating to refusal to answer questions, again coming from someone who has a long history of avoiding pertinent questions? Hypocrisy is too nice a descriptive.