November 27, 2005

Cruel to humans?

Not to mention Tony is cruel to humans!

More cognitive dissonance!

I've also noticed how Tony demands others answer his questions but he refuses to
answer or lies about his answers.

A totally self-involved control freak.

When will Tony get treatment for his alcoholism?

This is kind of funny coming from someone who has a record of being abusive in almost every post she has ever written on the Lane board. Her very fourth post was filled with the abuse that became typical of her MO as observed later.

How ironic that she speaks of cruelty to humans? This comes from someone who has wished death on anti-Sai activists and has wished for brain tumours to appear within their heads, if I remember correctly! Not to mention the constant and unending abuse from this poor example of a human being.

As for the chastisement relating to refusal to answer questions, again coming from someone who has a long history of avoiding pertinent questions? Hypocrisy is too nice a descriptive.