February 20, 2006

Lisa De Witt polarises pro vs. anti

You don't know what you're talking about T. You just constantly have to keep flapping your gums because you have NO life. Get a life T.

Sai Baba is an Avatar and YOU and your whorey friends are perverts, nutcases, and liars.

End of story.

Lisa abuses SD - denies lesbianism?

Many of the people in the anti-Sai group have documented mental problems, Madhavan, including se420 aka SD who is a pathological liar and admitted downloader of child porn. He also has kinky sex fetishes such as boots and jesus porn which are all DOCUMENTED, unlike his nutty claims. No lie is too big for the fascist anti-Sai gang who thrive on total disinformation. Last year they tried to tell people I was a cross dresser or transgendered mnan who lived in Michigan! This year they tell people I'm a lesbian. Next month or nextyear it will be soemthing new. It never ends with these nutcases. And they wonder why nobody with a brain will take thenm seriously. Hopefully the legal system will shut them down and soon.

Lisa De Witt Talks About Sex - Celibacy

A weirdo sex pervert like you apparently can only talk about sex. Unfortunately for you and your harassment campaign I've been celibate forseveral years pervert.

You just can't seem to get it through your sicko head that there is more to life than sex, can ya piggy?

February 18, 2006

Lisa De Witt abuses SD on lesbian issue, cancer

Wacko D is like a cancerous growth that won't go away. The psycho feeds off of his childish and sicko mindgames. And the dittohead anti-Sais promote and feed this kind of garbage.

D, ya sadistic little wimp, go jump back in the garbage can you came out of. I'm not wasting my time on your sewerbrain idiocy. Go find a babysitter ya pathetic whiner and quit wasting peoples time with your trash.

You belong in jail.

February 09, 2006

Man-Hating Lisa De Witt

You can thank men like YOU for such ridiculously low age [sexual consent] standards Tony. That's what happens in a patriarchal society where woman have no say as was so prevalent in the olden days and still maintains some holdover even to this day with governments being run mostly by men.