September 25, 2006

Lisa Dee: Still A Failing Psychic

After the beginning of a new series of "whispers" on my blog, Lisa De Witt divined the following:
"I seriously doubt that anything your anonymous informant (Jens Sethi) tells you is the truth ashe seems to be a pathological liar like yourself Sinjay. After several years you still have not learned the difference between, rumour, gossip and a credible source. Like I said, any trash will do for you the wannabe tabloid writer and misogynistic pornographer."
This is becoming ever more silly and ridiculous, the fact that Lisa Dee claims to know who my anonymous informants are and whether their information is correct. Not least her contention about rumour and gossip when Lisa De Witt is herself the biggest peddler of lies, rumours, gossip, distortions and exaggerations, examples of which consist of her(still unproved) lie about my alleged predilections for child pornography, the fact that the former devotee movement consists of homosexual paedophiles, the fact that the former devotee movement is made up of Fundamentalist Christians, a CIA-endorsed campaign of disinformation regarding Sathya Sai Baba, and numerous silly little wacky theories that wouldn't merit any column inches in the National Enquirer.
We know where Lisa gets her ideas from: her brain. That says it all, really. :-)