January 17, 2006

Lisa comments on SD's hearing again

You ought to be down on your knees begging Baba for forgiveness. In spite of your very evil ways he showed compassion and healed some of your hearing in an effort to encourage you to think of OTHERS rather than just yourself. But you are too self-centered to see it.

Lisa babbling incoherently

This is the kind of idiotic childishness that D the pervert resorts to whenever his whining isn't accomplishing anything as is so often the case.

Besides the fact that ONE loyal and honest friend would be worth more than a thousand crooked and demented anti-Sais who thrive on nothing BUT toxic nonsense, D is once again deluding himself with his usual perverted mind games and lies which will someday end up putting him in either a mental hospital, jail or a grave.

BTW, I could care less what Dinakaren thinks. He is obviously one of you and is backing D the sex pervert (who consitently lies and abuses people) and other pathological liars in the anti-Sai group which says it all. He obviously HASN'T done any real research and just mindlessly accepts anything he hears from anti-Sais.

More abuse against SD

Hard to believe that D is this stupid but he is.

The bozo is still trying to rationalize the fact that Larsson is STILL backing the twins who oh so OBVIOUSLY LIED about Joe making those UTTERLY ridiculous and farcical grammatically error-prone statements about "made up" and "untruth storys." And considering the way those emails appeared to have been doctored one could wonder if Larsson altered them.

Like I said, they don't come much dumber than D. If only D could realize he is borderline mentally retarded and consign himself to sticking with his comic books here he would be so much better off.

Yeah whatever.

January 16, 2006

Lisa De Witt Barks like a Dog

"You idiot, the same could be said about you going around stalking Sai Baba, posting your garbage at every site you come to. Besides that, the owner of that blog wrote Joe and asked him to comment ya retard. Hard to believe you are SO stupid and hypocritical. Keep barking at yourself, dumbo. Arff. Arff."

Hard to believe, isn't it?

January 03, 2006

Lisa on T's scrambled brains

Arrogant, muddle-minded Tony would have to have a brain first before he could even use a pictionary. His brain is so scrambled it would take YEARS of counselling to straighten him out.

Tony the slanderer is the pot calling the kettle black.

Lisa cannot have an intelligent conversation

Notice how all Tony can do is "lecture" people. He cannot carry on an intelligent conversation, yet he projecs his idiocy onto everyone else in order to avoid any conversation that will obviously lead to pointing out how dumb he is.

Lisa on D and O'C as guinea pigs

D and O'C should be studied as guinea pigs to see why they are such pathological liars. In fact, almost the all anti-Sai die hards like P et al should be studied for their cult-like mentality and propensity to lie.

Lisa calls T a bonehead and other things

Keep babbling like the bonehead you are, Tony. As soon as you bozos started fabricating stories about Sai Baba it became ALL about you. You better hope someone doesn't sue you. There is so much documentation on this site regarding your demented character it would be a cake walk to sue you. And any gov officials who see your babble will write you off as a nutcase.

Apparently you are too dumb to understand your lies EQUAL fraud.

Get over yourself Tony. You'll always be an arrogant loser. Nobody with brains will listen to you.

January 02, 2006

Lisa claims Holbach was sued

As far as I can tell, Holbach's site is no longer functional; there is a phony front page that goes nowhere when you click on the links.

Maybe he was sued. Why else would he hold onto a phony front shell of a site in order to continue to spread what little anti-Sai propaganda he could?

January 01, 2006

Lisa accuses T of drug warp

I'm wondering what kind of drugs Tony took that warped his brain so badly.

Tony is one of the biggest if not THE biggest FRAUD I have ever seen in my life. Easy to tell he is lying because his lips are moving. Fraud is EASY to prove and prosecute in court but Tony is too dumb and deluded to understand this. If what Tony was saying were true, he and his mentally and ethically challenged friends would be in court proving their point. The fact that Tony is here every day massaging his own ego is major proof he is the fraud. It is very EASY to get fraud victims to testify in court.

So where are all the fraud victims Tony?
You aren't a fraud victim. You stated in your email Sai Baba was very good to you and that you witnessed his powers on several occasions. Dorothy isn't a fraud victim, she wrote a book honoring Sai Baba's divine love. Others like you have now changed their stories. Millions like me are NOT changing their stories about how Sai Baba has positively affected our lives.

The facts very clearly show that you and your cadre of fools changed your stories and are now lying in order to make a case. One can only assume your lies are based on some as yet unknown agenda. Or maybe you really are just this dumb.

Lisa insinuates bribery

"If I didn't know better I'd think I was reading one of RP's dishonest diatribes. D is starting to sound just like him! It must be contagious as I've never seen so many people in one group who are so dishonest with theirfacts. Anti-Sais are more like a political party than anything with their propaganda and the way they blatantly misrepresent the facts in order to push their agenda. This is another thing that makes me think they are being paid to do so. It is so obviously dishonest, it is hard for me to believe they could be this corrupt unless they were being paid to do so! If they are doing it for free because they really believe it, that is even more scary! Talk about true believer syndrome!"