September 26, 2006

Lisa Dee Denying Psychic Abilities?

With reference to my last two blogs, Lisa De Witt registered a complaint in her characteristically coarse language:

"I wasn't making psychic predictions dumbo. Where did I ever say I was, dork brain? Everyone knows what a lying con man you are so it's not hard to deduce that you are lying 99% of the time. No psychic ability needed."

First of all, this shows Lisa's typically inept reading skills; where did I ever say that she was making psychic predictions? On the other hand, Lisa has often claimed to be in possession of various psychic powers like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and has even claimed to possess the power to see people's auras not to mention claiming to have regular visitations from Jesus Christ and assorted angels. And of course from Sai Baba too.

Considering all of that, I couldn't help wondering if this psychic superwoman was able to divine the source of my anonymous reports or whether this was down to just plain human guesswork. If Lisa De Witt is now denying all of the supernatural claims she has made in the past, let her do so in a full and specific statement. While she's at it, she can explain what makes her think that the source of my anonymous reports was Jens Sethi. :-)

I'm fully expecting her to twist and turn and squirm her way out of this, or she may even surprise us all by keeping silent except for the characteristic token abuse before she turns around and storms off in a huff. :-)