October 25, 2006

More Abuse By Lisa De Witt

Keeping in line with her track record of being the foremost abuser of ex-devotees of Sai Baba, Lisa De Witt had the following comments to make about one such:

"Sanjay, you sound like a fifty year old drunken bigot with all your trashy hate speech. If you ever live that long it will be a miracle, as evil and mean-spirited as you are.

"Superficial and vain Sanjay Dadlani aka saibabaexposed is the bigoted whiner who cries foul everytime someone brings up his physical characteristics (like his big flabby rear end and balding head which started when he was only about eighteen years old). By the time Sanjay is forty he will probably have a belly to rival a Sumo wrestler and alzheimers to go with it. Beyond all that Sanjay has ZERO inner beauty.

"I've NEVER seen such a mean, blabber mouth as you, Sanjay or a deaf person with such a big mouth. Do you run your fat mouth like this off the internet too?"

Just think, Lisa De Witt accuses others of being mean-spirited, bigoted and evil when she goes as far enough as to wish Alzheimers Disease on people? Or even the reference to my disability which she publicly laughed about in league with Gerald Moreno? I guess we should be grateful, because wishing Alzheimers is rather tame as compared to her past escapades of wishing death on former Sai devotees, what to speak of castrating them.

As for running fat mouths of the Internet, cough cough, one might well ask the same question to Lisa considering her very long and sordid history of wildly attacking and barking at former Sai devotees with all the strength and agility of a rottweiler, on an almost daily basis for four years!

Lisa De Witt should be
reported to the Arizona State Police.

October 24, 2006

Self-Appointed Jihadi Sai Defender

A recent comment from Lisa De Witt on the Quicktopic Sai Baba board backs up my thoughts on Sai devotees being of a fundamentalist and militant outlook, something that I stated over a year ago. In the middle of defending Gerald Moreno's bad behaviour and wholly embracing him in spite of his documented lies and deceit, she now appears to have gone totally up the wall in her views regarding Sai Baba. Read her comments for yourselves:

In short, Sathya Sai Baba is equal to the Christ and that his alarming exposure as a proven fraud, charlatan and trickster - what to speak of extremely serious allegations of homosexual paedophilia, murders, financial scandals, organ thefts and much more! - is just like Christ being crucified. For the record, Lisa De Witt has gone on record as claiming to have several "visitations" from Jesus Christ and assorted angels as well as having healing powers, and her horrific abuse of anyone who disagrees with her opinions is a sight to behold! She is completely loopy and her latest comments prove it.

She is willing to die for Sathya Sai Baba.

Despite my criticisms of Sai devotees miseducation on various spiritual topics, they are overall a nice bunch of folks. People like Lisa De Witt and their rabid fanaticism and their status as 'fringe' devotees are the types that give the rest of them a completely bad name. It just goes to prove what I wrote over a year ago when musing on the mentality of Sai devotees:

"How can we deal with such people, who genuinely think that they are the bearers of the divine torchlight, recruited soldiers in the war against illusion, the type of people who would be happy to give their lives in "Sai Service"?

"It appears to be the same sort of mindset as an Islamic suicide bomber. This is not to say that we can expect Sai Baba devotees to blow themselves up in the middle of crowded places, but the mentality and the innate sense of exclusivity is something that I find horrifically similar. Having spent some time indulging one of my favourite hobbies (reading political history), the parallels that I find in the mentalities are unnerving and uncanny. The same sort of foreboding mentality, the utter refusal to accept a different point of view, the senseless denial that is employed in the face of undisputed facts, and lastly, the firm conviction that they will one day be vindicated for their beliefs." - The Chosen People (September 25, 2005)

What to speak of the fact that this is a public affirmation of Lisa's self-conception as a self-appointed defender of Sai Baba, we can take noe of the fact that she is not endorsed by Sathya Sai Baba or his Organisation. That also goes for her equally fanatical (if not more) colleagues like Gerald Moreno. But actually it's rather sad to see brainwashed devotees speak in this cult-straitjacket manner; their own oppressive belief system chains then to a post of their own making instead of granting them the supposed freedom that they think is their birthright. This is what cults do to people, they make them lose their minds until they are ready and willing to die for their cause.

October 14, 2006

Who Gives A Shit?