March 14, 2006

Lisa De Witt: Screaming Out Loud

kutia uvaca:
"Look in the mirror dumbo. It's YOUR CAMP that has ALL the PERVERTS, including YOU, ya filthy-mouthed creep!"

Claims Various Anti-Sais Homosexuals

Just can't stop talking like a disgusting sex perv can ya Tony?

Actually, the documentation clearly shows that most of the troublemakers, like Conny Larsson, David Bailey, Keith Ord, Michael Pender, Tal Brooke, Hari Sampath and others (like jesus porn fetishist D) are homosexuals. The fact that you bozos keep trying to make a big deal out of the lie that Baba is a homosexual actually only serves to discredit the homosexuals in your camp. Why? Because every one of the accusers HID the fact that they are gay.

You are REALLY a dummy Tony.

Lisa Smears Anti-Sais As Veneral Diseases

I seems that Tony acts more like a venereal disease than a human being. Spreading his disease to any host he can infect with his filth.

Projection of 'Sexually Perverted Potty Mouth'

I guess this is the way Tony rationalizes his sexually perverted potty mouth on this board.

Who's the guttermouth?

"Not to mention that Tony talks like the perverted guttermouth bar whore that he obviously is!"

After having objectively determined nothing wrong with her own behaviour, isn't it fascinating to see Lisa scream her own head off?

March 13, 2006

Lisa De Witt: Grave-Digging Bully

You must be talking about your perverted self, Tony.

Oh no, I'm going to continue to expose you for the fraud you are until you go to a jail cell or your grave, whichever comes first.

Got it bully?

Insight Into LDW's Reasoning Á La Sexual Molestation

In order to believe this ridiculous second-hand, generic story which is lacking in specifics (such as NAMES of people who might actually corroborate Ramesh's fairytale), you have to believe that a person walking in on a child rapist would underreact in such a selfish manner and rather than rescuing the children (notice there are "boys" as in plural), getting them medical attention so the crimes could be documented by medical forensics and the police alerted, this person simply threatens to leave the ashram!

Tony, you are so retarded it's unbelievable.

The only thing we know about cowardly Ramesh (if that is his real name) is that his IP address from traced to a bank in Honk Kong.

Please get a life, Tony. Your mental retardation is wearing thin. And the scariest part is that most of the anti-Sais seem to be this dumb.

More maturity

What a pathetic hypocrite you are Tony. You are one of the biggest "touters" there is! In that case I guess you better go through and delete most of your own posts, ya wacko.

Grow up, hypocrite.

You better learn to introspect ya big baby because the truth is, your issues are why you are here, NOT Baba. You are here because you are hung up on having to have your own way. In fact, you are SO hung up on having to have your own way, you will do ANYTHING to get it, including lie, and probably murder and steal with as phony and immoral as you are. And, oh yeah, I forgot one. You delete posts too! You CONSTANTLY have to invalidate others spiritual experiences because you are SO jealous you MUST have it YOUR way at ALL cost! With you it's ALL about having to have it your way. If you REALLY want to have it YOUR way Tony, go to Burger There, they'll give it to you ANY way you want.

Grow up ya big baby. Your contemptuous, condescending attitude is the biggest cover for a fraud like you that I have EVER seen.

March 12, 2006

So mature..

In all my years of arguing with this crazy woman this has to be the first time I've seen her talk and reason like a retard, I'm almost ashamed to say. You can almost hear that whiny voice ringing in your eardrums.

I have to say Tony, one thing you are VERY good at is making STUPID assumptions!

I don't know Rasa you idiot. I just happened to look at your yahoogroup after she had posted her dream interpretation which you selfishly deleted because you can't stand letting someone else have their say.

Sai Baba ISN'T a hermaphrodite you liar. Only the idiots who read Tal Brooke's fairytale started perpetuating this stupid story. Leave it to a dummy like you who lives in a fantasy world of reptilians to believe such idiocy. You obviously have GREAT difficulty separating FACT from FICTION, Tony. Why doesn't this surprise me?

What a pathetic double-talker (and fascist) you are Tony. If you can bash gurus, why shouldn't people be allowed to say positive things about them?

You are a very sick puppy Tony. Please go get some counselling for that obviously untreated alcoohol addiction. Listening to you is like listening to a person who is so wacked out on drugs he is out of touch with reality.

And remember Tony, you are losing this argument as the BURDEN of PROOF is on the accuser. Now get REAL Tony. And grow up for once.
And remember too, Tony, you are in the same camp as the atheists, drug addicts, religiously intolerant evangelists and mentally ill. As if that weren't enough of a CLUE, DUH.