October 25, 2006

More Abuse By Lisa De Witt

Keeping in line with her track record of being the foremost abuser of ex-devotees of Sai Baba, Lisa De Witt had the following comments to make about one such:

"Sanjay, you sound like a fifty year old drunken bigot with all your trashy hate speech. If you ever live that long it will be a miracle, as evil and mean-spirited as you are.

"Superficial and vain Sanjay Dadlani aka saibabaexposed is the bigoted whiner who cries foul everytime someone brings up his physical characteristics (like his big flabby rear end and balding head which started when he was only about eighteen years old). By the time Sanjay is forty he will probably have a belly to rival a Sumo wrestler and alzheimers to go with it. Beyond all that Sanjay has ZERO inner beauty.

"I've NEVER seen such a mean, blabber mouth as you, Sanjay or a deaf person with such a big mouth. Do you run your fat mouth like this off the internet too?"

Just think, Lisa De Witt accuses others of being mean-spirited, bigoted and evil when she goes as far enough as to wish Alzheimers Disease on people? Or even the reference to my disability which she publicly laughed about in league with Gerald Moreno? I guess we should be grateful, because wishing Alzheimers is rather tame as compared to her past escapades of wishing death on former Sai devotees, what to speak of castrating them.

As for running fat mouths of the Internet, cough cough, one might well ask the same question to Lisa considering her very long and sordid history of wildly attacking and barking at former Sai devotees with all the strength and agility of a rottweiler, on an almost daily basis for four years!

Lisa De Witt should be
reported to the Arizona State Police.