September 26, 2006

Lisa Admits Residing In Sewers!

At long last:

"And whatever happened to taking the 'high road' hatemonger Dadlani? Just can't stay out of the sewer can ya?"

This is obviously in reaction to my post: "Moreno's TRUE Feelings For Lisa Dee", where I showed an instance of Gerald Moreno's own hypocritical behaviour in overlooking the very real faults, slanders and defamations carried out by his venomous and evil twin. To sum, Gerald stated that he does not agree with Lisa's vicious tone of speaking, stating that she could have taken the 'high road' (for which he agrees she did not do) and is thus fully responsible for her words and their consequences thereof. Still he continues to embrace her and is perfectly happy to work with a vicious rottweiler who openly wishes death on Sai Baba's critics, terming them as cancerous growths, whores, retarded, barwhores, venereal diseases, wishing brain tumours upon them, even wanting to CASTRATE them, and much more utterly shocking statements of pure hatred.

At least we now have a statement (admission?) from Lisa that any environment in which she is present can be correctly likened to a sewer. This is what I have been saying all along; Sai Baba defenders and their gutter tactics of ad-hominem attacks and smearing former devotees should remain in the gutters and the sewers where they belong. We all agreed on that, so now we can sit back and enjoy a cup of tea and biscuits. :-)